This blog is about honest to goodness confessions, testimonials and reviews of food and restaurants around the metro. Blogging has been this generation’s version of a personal diary. However, blogging is not just for personal consumption of the author but also for the benefit of others who share the same interests and experiences.

The main goal of this site is to share my experiences and reviews of the different cuisines I’ve recently tried. From time to time, I also try to share some of my personal recipes.

Here are some reviews and testimonials for this blog:

Hannah, 39, Mother

I am a stay-at-home mum. As soon as my 2-year-old son starts to sleep in the afternoon, I go online and check this site out for new recipes I can cook for my son and my husband. They love all the dishes I cook using the recipes in this site! It’s marvelous. They say the food is of restaurant quality. Kudos to the makers of this site! Five stars!

Christine, 20, Student

I am a university student living on my own. Ever since school started, I have not been able to eat properly. I usually had school cafeteria food for lunch and takeout for dinner. I am not really good in the kitchen and do not have much time to cook. However, with the help of the easy-to-follow recipes in this blog, I was able to cook my own food. At least, I now know how to cook somehow. It has also helped me with my savings as cooking at home is way cheaper than eating out.

Justin, 28, Chemical Engineer

I am really good with mixing chemicals as it is my occupation. However, I am horrible at mixing ingredients and spices. But with the help of this blog, I was at least able to cook simple dishes that involved mainly boiling and frying.
Aside from that, the recommended restaurants listed are truly to die for! I went to most of them and I’d say the reviews are truly true to every detail.

Bianca, 18, Student

Teens nowadays are all about Social Media Sites. I particularly like Instagram. I, at times, refer to the restaurants and hangout places indicated in this blog. They truly are delicious and Instagram-worthy! I would also like to commend the format of this blog because it is very easy to navigate and easy on the eyes.

Rica, 24, Foodie/Blogger

I, myself, am a blogger. However, my blog focuses on my travels. I find this blog very helpful when finding restaurants to hang out in with my friends and family. All the restaurants listed in this blog are on the A-list!

Aside from that, the recipes and video tutorials in this blog are also very easy to follow.

Joy, 40, Accountant

What I love about this food blog are the pictures, pictures and pictures! Clear and crisp pictures that jump out of my computer screen! How I wish I could take pictures like that.
I also love the recipes. I try them out and my family loves it! Great blog, cheers!

Maintaining a food blog is a hard task for me since I’m also working at the same time. I try to do my best to provide you with the best and maintain the holy trinity of food blogging namely; fantastic food photography, delicious and simple recipes and engaging text. I truly appreciate all the comments and reviews you leave on my page!

Thank you for the continued positive reviews and testimonials! I would love to hear more from you. If you have other questions, inquiries or suggestions, please feel free to leave a message below.