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Welcome to! This blog is a food blog dedicated to my food-ventures (food adventures) and food-views (food reviews). I am no chef, I am just a foodie who simply loves to write and share my food experiences. Come along with me on my food-ventures and food-views.

Food is defined as anything with fat, protein, or carbohydrate, and is mainly used for sustaining growth, repair, and vital processes – as well as for producing energy.

Food is probably the most important thing in any person’s life – in any organism’s life in fact. It is our bloodline that without it, we cease to exist. Historically, the first men secured food by hunting, gathering and planting. However, as man progressed, man developed the food industry.

Around 20,000 BC, People in Europe ate mostly reindeer, mammoth, red deer, wild horses and bison. These foods were mostly just hunted and not yet cultured. Around 1,200 BC, Egyptians learned how to bake bread and make wine. They also learned how to grow vegetables such as beans, leeks and lentils and how to keep animals like pig, sheep and cow. Greeks, on the other hand, also learned how to bake bread and make wine around 400 BC. They also grew vegetables such as onions, beans and garlic.

In the middle ages, the diet of the rich people improved greatly. The rich ate pork, mutton and venison. Aside from that, they also ate swans, herons, blackbirds, ducks and pigeons. On the other hand, the poor ate poorly. They ate bland and monotonous food such as cheese and coarse bread. They also ate porridge which usually lasted them the whole day.

In the 17th Century, the British first started eating food using a fork. By 1891, the first electric oven was sold in the USA. They were released in British market in 1893. Meanwhile, the first electric toaster was invented in 1893 by the British Crompton and Company. Refrigeration was invented in the 20th century.

Restaurants such as Indian and Chinese takeout took off only in the 20th century. Pizza and Hamburger chains also became popular during the same time.

Surprisingly, food delivery preceded the existence of restaurants. Food delivery started during the World War I when the Women’s Volunteer Service delivered food to homes who did not have working kitchens when the bombings started. It was then adopted in Philadelphia by 1954. Nowadays, restaurants have taken food service into a new level with the help of technology. With just a click, you can already have your food ordered by your favorite restaurant.

Food and Men have indeed evolved from the hunting and gathering society of old to the food clicking and ordering ways that we have now.

This website aims to explore the ups and downs of food we have nowadays. It aims to give you information regarding the food around the metro. Specifically, this website covers the following areas that, without a doubt, keep our foodie community together:

• Recipes

Let’s face it, not everyone can cook as good as world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, author, TV personality and chef Jamie Oliver and TV personality-chef Anthony Bourdain. We all need a recipe to serve as our guide in cooking our favorite dishes. This blog aims to give food lovers like you a little help in the kitchen. You’ll also get to trade secrets with other home cooks.

• Restaurant Reviews

Nowadays, before anyone goes to a restaurant, they first pick-up their phones to check out the reviews with regard to that particular restaurant. This website aims to gives you review of the different restaurants around the metro. Once again, being part of this community, you’ll also get to read reviews posted by your fellow foodies – you’ll have the chance to share yours as well.

• Food Photography

Food porn is the name of the game! Taste is no longer just the basis of the public to know whether or not a restaurant is worthy to be visited. The looks and aesthetic appeal of food is now also an important aspect. You will definitely enjoy the photos sent by our regular visitors. If you have a few shots of your own, don’t hesitate to share them with us.