Before Buying Golf Clubs: Beginner Tips

GolfIn most sports, having the right equipment is the first thing you should be concerned about. This easily applies in golf, although as a beginner, there are still a lot of things you need to know before even considering your options. There will be cheap and expensive choices, and in most cases, the latter serves better, as far as improving your performance is concerned. However, it’s best that you prioritize learning over buying golf clubs.

Because you’re just starting up on the sport, you don’t really need to have all golf clubs in your bag. Basically, players can bring as many as 14 clubs during any game. You, on the other hand, would most likely use only around 7 or 8 clubs at the most. What you want to have in your golf bag is a fairway wood, pitching wedge, putter, sand wedge (wedge marked with an “S” with about 54-56 degrees of loft), 6- and 8-iron, and driver.

If you want to get these as conveniently as possible, you might as well go shopping online. For online purchasing must visit It may even help save you some money by going for used clubs, which can also be purchased online. Affordable drivers may cost around $75 a piece, while putters are usually less expensive.

The most important aspect that you must experience, and not just have knowledge of, when it comes to golf clubs is their “feel”. Don’t just buy a certain brand of driver or wood, even if experts say they’re among the pieces a pro golfer always carries in his bag. Always remember to try it before you buy it. A high-end driver may not have that feel that you’re looking for with your swings. The best club to begin with is the 6-iron having a stiff- and regular-flex shaft. Once you try both clubs, you will see a difference with the amount of control you have with each one.


They say that it’s better to have more lofts in your clubs. This, however, doesn’t apply to the perfect athlete whose coordination with stick-ball sports is almost unparalleled. If you’ve come to a conclusion that this is not you, an added loft would mean better chances of making the ball fly high up into the air, while having reduced sidespins, thereby keeping your shots more accurate. For drivers, try to start with a 10 degree loft or higher. Fairway woods for starters should have at least 17 degrees of loft.

Golf is a hard game to play and an even harder game to master. Even if you’ve been a golfer for over 10 years, there will still be some aspects of golf that would seem impossible to conquer. As such, being a beginner, you should understand and accept your level and go with golf clubs specifically meant for beginners. It’s a lot easier hitting with these clubs as compared to the other ones.

3-, 4-, and 5-irons can be replaced with hybrids. It’s also better to stick with irons that have wider bottoms (soles) so there is a reduced chance that the club will get stuck in the ground should your shot miss its mark big time. The added weight of irons with wider soles also reduces the club’s centre of gravity, which allows for hitting the ball with higher trajectories.

golf clubEvery experienced golfer that you would encounter would most likely advise you to get cheaper models or even used golf clubs if you’re to buy your first golf set. You need to understand that clubs are expensive, and they can be considered an investment if you’re serious about the game. Most importantly, it’s best that you admit to yourself that you’re still a novice, and as such, you’re better off with golf equipments that are meant for your class.

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